Shingles Week 3

Welcome to my next update, at this point I am now just about done with my third week of coping with the shingles. I have two previous updates week one and week two, just in case you have not read them yet and/or are not aware of them. Thankfully, I have good news to share to all my fellow shingles sufferers out there following along. I am now significantly better and on the road to full recovery from shingles as far as I can tell. At this point I have had shingles now for over three weeks, the rash itself has significantly reduced not only appearance but also in discomfort/pain. The shingles rash started off benign looking enough and rapidly became inflamed, painful to the slightest touch and very red in color.

It was actually quite shocking and scary at the same time how rapidly the skin eruption’s manifested upon one side of me. I remember it almost seemed like the pinkish rash became blood red and burning overnight. However, I do recollect even though it seems like it; it did take a few days for the rash to fully develop. The rash itself now is a very light pinkish color upon my skin, it is not blood red as before. As the weeks went by the redness diminished in brightness as well as the discomfort.

shingles rash virus Even though most of the discomfort and pain of the rash is gone, there is still some occasional pain here and there. For example, the first week especially there would be pain constantly almost nonstop. I would feel constant burning and electrical like impulses which were painful across my rash. For some particular reason in my armpit area it was very swollen and at times extremely painful with burning and electrical impulse like sensations. So, speaking of my armpit area the discomfort that I am still occasionally having right now is within the armpit and the surrounding area. My armpit still from time to time has a quick yet intense burning sensation. The burning sensations thankfully are localized to just my armpit area for the most part, nevertheless it is still bothersome to me.

I am now truly starting to feel very much normal again. Even though like I have indicated in a previous post I am feeling better, I have a reminder or two that I still have shingles. And those reminders would be Intermittent pain in my armpit region and certain areas of my skin still feel funny. Now I don’t want to downplay the pain level in my armpit. Everyone has certain degree of pain tolerance; my pain tolerance happens to be high. So, I find this pain somewhat of a strong annoyance, to someone else it might feel to them much more painful than a simple aggravation. I have been taking ibuprofen medications which have greatly helped with the pain and burning sensations.

Now besides the pain I still have certain areas of my skin which have been affected by the shingles rash which continue to have an odd feeling to touch. At this point its only certain areas of my skin, before it was throughout all of my affected skin. Currently it’s mostly in the armpit and triceps’ area which exhibit this abnormal sensation. It is kind of hard for me to contextualize the actual feeling as the skin is being touched. Basically, it feels like your skin has been burned in a fire and is now swollen and without the ability to feel or sense anything but pressure. It mostly bothers me when I move my arm. It is a very peculiar feeling needless to say, however it as well is getting better day by day.

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