Month: March 2018

Shingles Week 2

I am now officially little over two weeks dealing with this viral disease known as shingles. I wanted to give a quick update with how I’m doing right now for anybody interested in learning or actually going through this disease presently as well. As I previously said before shingles is absolutely no joke, I am not trying to scare anyone believe me. I am simply being honest and stating the facts as I have experienced them the past two weeks, …

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Shingles Week 1

I have now gone through my first week of shingles. Let me begin by saying this week has been like no other week in recent memory. Unfortunately for me it will go down as one of the roughest and painful weeks of my life, only second to when I had kidney stones. The shingles virus is absolutely devastating to one’s normal routine, there has been nothing normal within the last week for me whatsoever. And sadly, according to medical research …

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Shingles Rash

Within this particular post, I will do my best to explain with as much detail as possible my personal experience having and dealing with a shingles rash. From what I understand many people will start feeling pain and/or itching as the rash is developing. However, in my personal occurrence the rash actually started forming way before I actually noticed any type of pain or sensations. At least that is what I believe, I by chance happen to notice small rash …

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